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Home Exclusion

AWS specializes in animal proofing Homes and Businesses. The only real way to keep animals out is to secure the outside of the house or building. We use tried and tested materials and techniques to secure problem areas. Some of the concerns people have about exclusion work is how it looks when it’s done. At AWS we make sure the areas we tend to are aesthetically pleasing while also being impenetrable.
  If you are hearing noises in your attic, walls or under your house give AWS a call today to schedule an inspection. If you’ve ever heard noises and it went away but you never had any exclusion work done, then you will get another visitor. We can make sure this doesn't happen and secure your Home or Business for years to come.

Trapping or Removal

AWS can trap or remove most nuisance wildlife from your home and or property. Each animal requires a different technique when it comes to trapping which AWS is equipped to handle. AWS we can trap or remove Mice, Rat's, Snake's, Bat's, Gray Squirrel's, Fox Squirrels, Flying Squirrel's, Ground Squirrel's, Opossum, Racoon's, Armadillo's, Pocket Gophers and more.

Odor Removal

Odor removal is a very important part of dealing with nuisance wildlife in your home or business. All animals are attracted to the scent of other animals. This fact is most evident when it comes to mating seasons. Rats mate year round which makes scent marking removal a must if they've made their way into your attic or crawspace. If you've ever heard animals in your attic or crawlspace then you have these scent markings already. AWS can treat your attic or crawlspace to remove these attractants for good.

Dead AnimalRemoval

If you have ever had and animal die in your wall, attic or crawlspace then you know how horrible the smell of a rotting carcass can be. Not only is the smell bad but the decaying carcass can cause serious health risks to humans  and household pets. If you have a foul smelling odor and you are not sure what it is give AWS a call right away. We will send a technician out to do an inspection and he will do his best to find the carcass and remove it. Once he is done he can spot treat the infected area, and remove any harmfull deposits left behind by the rotting carcass.