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Nuisance Wildlife


Rats are one of the most common home intruders in Florida. Rats are nocturnal and they have the ability to squeeze through very small openings. They can also chew through shingles, wood, vinyl, plastic and even aluminum in some cases. When you factor in that rats are food for most predators it starts to become clear why you never see them, and why they like attics. Attic's are warm, dry, safe from predators and perfect for procreating. In many cases in Florida rats can live in an attic for years undetected because of the amount of insulation sprayed, and their ability to be very quiet.  If a pair of rats makes their way into your attic they can produce up to 2000 offspring in a year. Like squirrels rats teeth never stop growing, therefore they are always chewing. Rats will chew wiring, plumbing, a/c ducts and anything else they can find. Ever store anything in your attic? Rats will chew that too.  
    As if the destruction wasn't enough rats carry lice and fleas which can transmit diseases to pets and humans. Rat droppings also carry diseases like the Hanta Virus which is transmitted through air particles. This fact is what makes rats chewing through your a/c ducts a health risk. Rats also have a high metabolism which means they can cover an attic with droppings very quickly, and contaminate your insulation. If you are already dealing with these pesky rodents AWS can fix the problem and get rid of them for good. If you don't have a rat problem but want to be sure your house is secure AWS can do that too. Give us a call to schedule an appointment before its too late.

Squirrels are rodents with fluffy tails. They are very much like rats with a few exceptions. Squirrels are diurnal which means they are mostly active during daylight hours. They are larger and stronger than rats so they don't have quite as many predators. They typically live in trees until it’s time to start nesting. Squirrels nest, mate and have offspring 2 times a year, December-February and June-August. During this time squirrels will try to find a warm, dry and safe place to have their offspring and your attic is a perfect place to do that. Squirrels can cause as much if not more destruction thatn rats and if locked out they are more determined to get in when they have offspring to take care of. Squirrels also carry lice and fleas which can transmit diseases to pets and humans. If your hearing noises during squirrel nesting season there is a good chance it’s a squirrel. AWS can inspect your home or business and inform you of any problems areas. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.


Flying Squirrel

When it comes to flying squirrels being in your attic they are the worst of both the rat and the gray squirrel. Flying squirrels are small like rats which give them the ability to fit into small holes, and they chew and climb like gray squirrels. Flying squirrels have been known to participate in communal nest's with groups as large as 25. Flying squirrels are very light and very quiet creatures, therefore if you have them in your attic you could have a multitude and not know it. Flying squirrels can carry many diseases and these diseases can be transmitted through lice and fleas. AWS can remove these nuisance rodents and secure your home or business.


Raccoons as most people know are scavengers. They are mostly interested in our trash cans more so than our attics. This is true for most of the year except for the months March-June. During this time raccoons will mate, give birth and raise their young. To do this raccoon mothers will need a warm, dry, safe place to do this. This is where your attic or crawlspace comes in. Mother raccoons are very clever, very strong, and very determined. They will sometimes find an eve or small hole that a rat or squirrel created and make it big enough to gain access. Or they will just figure out their own way in and set up camp. Raccoons carry lice and fleas which can transmit diseases. If you think you might have a raccoon problem or you have seen them in your yard give AWS a call. We can trap, remove the raccoons, and fix any problem areas.


Opossums are yet another nuisance critter that has been known to take up residence in people’s attics and crawlspaces. Opossums are opportunistic omnivores consuming meat and vegetation. This being the case they have been known to eat rats which leads them into attics where rats live. Another scenario where you will see opossums in attics is the same as most nuisance wildlife, procreation. Expecting opossum mothers will look for a warm dry place away from predators and your attic or crawlspace is perfect. AWS can remove nuisance opossum and protect your home or business.


Armadillos are common nuisance wildlife in Florida. Feeding on worms, insect larvae, ants and bugs Armadillos can destroy lawns and flowerbeds looking for food. Armadillos live in deep burrows that they dig. You can usually find these burrows under concrete slabs, bushes or tree roots. Also Armadillo's are the only creatures aside from humans that can be infected and transmit Leprosy aka Hansen's disease. If you are seeing cone shaped holes or big burrows in, on or around your property it could very well be Armadillo's. Give AWS a call today and have us trap and remove them from your property.

Ever seen those large mounds of dirt in your yard or on the side of the road and wonder how they got there. Pocket Gophers are the culprits. If these medium sized rodents are in your yard they can cause destruction of underground utility cables and irrigation pipes. They can also be responsible for direct consumption and smothering of forage by earthen mounds. Pocket Gophers eat forbs, grasses, shrubs, and trees. They are strict herbivores. Pocket Gophers leave soil mounds on the surface of the ground. The mounds are usually fan-shaped and tunnel entrances are plugged, keeping various intruders out of burrows. If you have mounds of dirt appearing in your yard then you have Pocket Gophers. If you want these ground bound rodents out of your yard then give AWS a call today to schedule an appointment.  

Pocket Gopher